Morning teaching

A rhythm more suited to learning!

In order to fit with the natural biological rhythm, all compulsory subjects are taught in the mornings or early afternoons.

This allows the rest of the afternoons to be used for:

  • learning support from teachers for students with difficulties (offered on an individual basis and according to each student's needs).Time to do the homework with the help of a teacher at hand to go over the lesson again if need be.
  • various workshops with educational themes in the fields of the arts (theatre, photography..), sports (martial arts, hip-hop dance..) and sciences(robotic, electronics...) as well as cookery lessons...This enables students to learn in a fun way and to give them a taste for some subjects thanks to a more playful approach. For these workshops, all students of secondary school are mixed together regardless of their ages.
  • training time with the sport club: alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, climbing...


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